CES2013 Recap – Indie Media Coverage on a Large Scale

It has become fashionable for industry insiders to bemoan that the Consumer Electronics Show has become bloated and too unfocused for small teams to navigate successfully. With thousands of exhibitors, coupled with the immense crowds, it can be easy to get lost in the midst. Meijun set out to both demonstrate and find examples of small teams having a big impact at CES. In our first part of our CES2013 recap, we report on how small media teams can deliver targeted content for their audiences, despite the overwhelming plethora of companies, products, and people.

CES2013 Recap – Indie Media on the Floor

Gather Resources for Your Team

At an event as large as CES, we could define indie media as any outlet that does not have a trailer parked as headquarters in the front parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center. As a small team, you may not have the space or the resources, but don’t let this discourage you. Throughout the show floor, there are a number of spaces that can serve as a place to interview, blog, and rest in comfort.

One invaluable resource are sponsored media lounges – not only do they offer a place to recharge and rest, they’re also great for invaluable networking. One shining example this year is Samsung’s Smart Lounge – this sponsored lounge offered a space for general device recharging, as well as much needed caffeine, wi-fi, snacks, and lemonade. It was also a place where you could network with international press and blog outlets that were also there to refresh and produce content from the show floor. Samsung also broadcasted live from the Smart Lounge with reports from iJustine and What’s Trending.

Another great example is Red Touch Media‘s Social Media Lounge. Their two story booth served as a much-needed respite for bloggers, podcasters, reporters and influencers. Not only did they offer a place to relax and recharge, they also offered great swag as well. Therefore, if your small team is looking for a home base outside of the crowded press rooms, keep your alerts and social media channels open for sponsored media lounges.

Light After Dark: Palms 2 Story Sky Suite

Move Fast and Plan Ahead

A small team has the distinct advantage to move without the complications of red tape. Therefore, decide on travel logistics as soon as possible, so your small team can move in on limited event invites as soon as they are announced. While other companies are in holiday party planning mode, December is your time to monitor CES hashtags across Twitter and Tumblr.

Networking and business opportunities can appear anywhere, and parties are no exception. This year, at the exclusive Light After Dark event, we met with two press outlets that became our CES after-party partners in coverage – Nerd Reactor and The Other View. Beyond the flashing lights, events are a way to participate in demonstrations that are otherwise by appointment only on the CES exhibits floor.

Muse Brain Sensing Headband Will Pour You A Beer

There’s News for Every Audience at CES

Your audience doesn’t want a rehashed take on disruptive tech that is supposed to change the game for them. They want to hear about technology that can soon be in their hands ad will benefit them in meaningful ways. Luckily at CES, there are stories of innovation for everyone. For example, the KAPI (Kids At Play Interactive) Awards covered how family will interact with technology in the future, while the FashionWare Show focused on how high fashion and technology can collaborate as a flagship for American design. CES is not just about the big names and brands – many exhibitors are smaller companies that span a wide range of niches and industries. The floor serves are a constant reminder of the innovation that exists all throughout the world, available for every audience.

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