Meijun - Mobile Applications
Using latest programming techniques, we have extensive experience developing for both Apple iPhone (iOS) and Android platforms. We're not shy to tackle other plaforms as well...
Meijun - Web Applications
We have extensive experience in programming and scripting in: C#, VB.NET, JAVA, PHP, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery). We also build database heavy web applications using database technologies such as MySQL, SQLite, T-SQL and even PostgreSQL.
Meijun - Desktop Applications
Even in today's web and mobile centric world, there is still a need for desktop applications and we can fill that void. We have experience dealing with COM integrated Windows applications as well as applications for the Mac OSX (Cocoa).
Meijun - Marketing and Branding
Every good marketing campaign needs to be equipped with the best marketing tools to gain a competitive edge. In addition to providing SEO optimization, digital media, language services and landing page development, we also provide integration to the latest sales tools such as Eloqua and SalesForce.